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Boiler Repair Nottingham

Boiler repairs from just £89

Our £89 per hour rate includes boiler breakdown diagnosis by experienced heating engineers. This fee ensures that you receive an expert assessment to identify the issue. If an issue can be resolved within the first hour without ordering parts, you will be back to hot showers and warm radiators with no further costs

Recommend by 170+ Nottingham folk

Pedro Silva
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"after almost £600 nothing, so I’ve called the engineers from valiant, so the professional of the brand… again nothing, after to the rescue appeared Neil and in 10 minutes sorted the problem that no one could find… I can’t recommend it enough, pontual, reliable, professional… he’s definitely your guy. Thanks again Neil… huraaa"
Ginny Wigan
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Neil was extraordinarily helpful to us when our old boiler 'died', and lost no time in replacing it, with a minimum of fuss and bother, and a lot of ingenuity. It was a pleasure to have him in the house. He is definitely someone I recommend.
Linda Ward
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Really pleased I found Nottingham Boiler Solutions. Friendly, professional and thorough service of boiler, hot water heating system, radiators etc for a fair price. Neil also took the time and trouble to talk us through how our particular heating system works and demonstrated the controls. Thanks Nottingham Boiler Solutions.
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Heating Controls & System Repair

When we have no hot water or no heating and the home is not heated via a combi boiler, we often mistakenly blame the boiler when sometimes the problem is what is controlling the boiler or the heating system’s pipework, radiators or underfloor heating. Correctly identifying the problem within the home is key to a quick resolution.

Book your heating system diagnostic survey for £89*

*Diagnostic survey does not include replacement heating parts, which, if required, will be charged additionally.

NBS - Nottingham Boiler Repair - If boiler parts are needed

If boiler parts are needed

The breakdown diagnosis forms the basis for effective repairs or, if necessary, a recommendation for boiler replacement. If boiler or heating parts are required, we will order the parts the same day, with most parts available within 48 hours if not a stocked item.

Boiler repair - appoximate pricing guide reference only

Please take these guide pricing with a pinch of salt!

All boiler manufacturers’ pricing varies from each other, and sometimes there may be multiple different fans, pumps, valves and gaskets priced differently from each other. We have provided this list as a guideline to help you understand why some repairs are quite affordable and some hurt the bank.

Boiler Replacement or Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair or 
Boiler Replacement?

Boiler repair is a cost-effective option for minor issues that don’t impact the unit’s overall performance. However, if your boiler is over 10-15 years old, frequently breaking down, or significantly inefficient, investing in a new boiler replacement may be more economical and energy-efficient in the long run.

Common Boiler Issues

For those who want to understand the common boiler and heating system faults, you can use the following links to quickly find and understand what is happening with your heating system.

Common boiler faults

NBS - Nottingham Boiler Repair - Error codes

Display Error Codes

Display error codes on your boiler’s control panel indicate specific issues. These codes help technicians diagnose the problem quickly.

How can I look at this myself?

Your boiler’s user manual or the manufacturer’s website should explain the error codes.

NBS - Nottingham Boiler Repair - Low water pressure

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can lead to insufficient heating or hot water. This issue could result from system leaks, a faulty pressure valve, or air in the system. Addressing the root cause promptly is essential to maintaining efficiency.

How can I look at this myself?

You can usually top up the pressure yourself. Refer to your boiler handbook for instructions. If your boiler consistently loses pressure, contact us.

Leaks & Drips

Leaks or drips should be addressed promptly to avoid serious issues like water damage. These can often be due to deteriorating seals or internal component faults.

How can I look at this myself?

Contact a heating company to assess the leak. A repair engineer may be needed.

NBS - Nottingham Boiler Repair - No heating or hot water

No Heating or Hot Water

No heating or hot water is normally due to to a drop in water pressure or electrical failure.

How can I look at this myself?

Try topping the water pressure up first before calling a heating professional to investigate.

NBS - Nottingham Boiler Repair - No heating

No Heating

If your boiler isn’t producing heat, it could be a simple thermostat issue or a complex system failure. A heating engineer should evaluate the problem.

How can I look at this myself?

It’s best not to attempt this yourself. Contact us for professional help.

No Hot Water

No Hot Water

No hot water can be due to various reasons, such as defective diverter valves or thermostat issues. It’s advisable to have a heating engineer diagnose the problem.

How can I look at this myself?

It’s not recommended to try fixing this yourself. Contact a professional.

Ignition Faults

Ignition issues can prevent your boiler from starting. Common causes include deteriorated igniters or electrical problems. A professional assessment is necessary.

How can I look at this myself?

Please don’t try to fix ignition issues yourself. Contact Nottingham Boiler Solutions.

NBS - Nottingham Boiler Repair - noisy boiler

The Boiler is Making Noises

Noisy boilers can indicate air in the system, low water pressure, or ageing components. Solutions might include a system cleanse or adding protective chemicals.

How can I look at this myself?

Don’t try to fix a noisy boiler yourself. Contact us for expert assistance.

NBS - Nottingham Boiler Repair - Cold radiator

A Cold Radiator

A cold radiator might be due to air in the system or faulty valves. You can often fix it by bleeding the radiator or checking the valves.

How can I look at this myself?

Bleeding a radiator is a common DIY fix. If the problem persists, contact us.

Intermittent Faults

Intermittent issues like inconsistent heating or hot water can be challenging to diagnose. These might result from electrical problems or worn-out parts.

How can I look at this myself?

Contact us for a thorough check. A full service might identify and resolve the issue.

Boiler Repair Nottingham

“Very pleased with the service I received for fixing my boiler, attended the same day and quickly found the fault, Neil was very professional, friendly and reasonably priced, would definitely use again, thank you!”

Sophie from Nottingham 

Boiler Repair in Mansfield

“Neil came round at short notice and identified the boiler fault really quickly – systematically checking each component. He ordered the parts needed and came back first thing the next day to fix it. No messing, great service, found and explained the issue and sorted it straight away. Very grateful for such a fast, professional service.”

“S” from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Boiler Repair in Hucknall

“What a relief to find someone who is reliable, professional and pleasant. Very knowledgeable and informative. Neil did a boiler repair for me and the price was very reasonable too. I will definitely use him again and will be recommending him to family and friends. Thanks Neil!”

Nancy from Hucknall, Nottinghamshire

Boiler Service in Nottingham

“Neil arrived on time to service my boiler. He was pleasant and explained everything he was doing and what the boiler needed. He also had a look at the radiator in the bathroom for me. I would definitely recommend him and I will definitely book him for the boiler service next year.”

Lorraine from Nottingham

Serving the North Nottinghamshire Region

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Choose Nottingham Boiler Solutions' Gas Safe engineers for dependable boiler repair.

We’ve been performing safe boiler repairs for nearly 20 years and have established a solid reputation as a dependable heating and plumbing company. We take pleasure in offering excellent boiler repair and keeping our customers informed. We are always upfront with our customers regarding the cost of their boiler repair and make certain that they are getting fair and competitive pricing for their boiler repair.

Nottingham Boiler Repairs 

Regardless of the type of boiler you have, our expert Gas Safe registered heating engineers are here to help. With a wealth of experience working with a variety of boiler types, you can be confident that when you call Nottingham Boiler Solutions for boiler repair, you are in experienced hands. 

*There is a diagnostic charge for any fault finding

We have repaired a large number of broken boilers throughout Nottingham, including Mapperley, Hucknall, and West Bridgford; you can see what our clients have to say about us in our reviews

So, whether your boiler displays a code you’ve never seen before or makes a noise you’ve never heard before, our gas engineers are here to assist.

Signs your boiler needs to be repaired 

There are numerous signs that your boiler exhibits that indicate it needs to be repaired. Among these indicators are:

  • Your boiler is releasing a strange odour. 

  • Your energy expenses have risen suddenly. 

  • Your boiler is displaying an unusual fault code. 

  • Your boiler regularly shuts off.

Have you observed any of these or other signs that make you uneasy? Then use the information provided below to contact our gas engineers in Nottingham, covering Mapperley, West Bridgford, and Hucknall.

(More: Do you need to repair or replace your boiler?

Early detection of boiler problems 

The easiest approach to detect boiler problems early is to get your boiler serviced on a regular basis. A yearly service means that your boiler will be inspected for problems by a heating specialist who has been trained to detect problems early. In addition, if you detect anything strange with your boiler, we recommend consulting a gas engineer.

(More: No Hot Water? – What to do!)

What do we cover with our boiler repair services in Nottingham?

Low pressure 

Low pressure in your boiler system causes symptoms such as radiators that do not heat up adequately. Checking your boiler pressure gauge is another approach to determine low pressure. Consult your boiler’s owner’s handbook to determine what temperature your boiler should be set to. If your boiler pressure is low, our heating engineers will be able to discover a solution and restore the normal operating pressure of your boiler.

Frozen condensate pipe 

A condensate pipe removes potentially hazardous leftovers from your boiler system. It is not uncommon for these pipes to freeze during the colder months of the year, resulting in a system blockage. Not only can our engineers unclog your condensate line, but we can also prevent it from happening again in the future.

Sludge and debris buildup 

Sludge and debris buildup in your systems can cause clogs, overheating, and unusual noises to come from your boiler system. If you believe that sludge and debris have accumulated in your boiler system, contact our local heating engineers or check out our power flushing page to learn more.

Faulty radiators 

If some or all of your radiators aren’t heating up, it might be due to a number of issues, such as a malfunctioning pump or too much air in your central heating system. Don’t worry we can help! 

Your boiler not responding to the thermostat

A common and annoying problem that might indicate defective wiring as well as deeper problems within your boiler. It could be a simple programming issue or an issue with the thermostat itself we can help no matter the issue! We can even install the latest smart thermostats making your home more efficient & saving you money on energy bills.

Boiler Leaks 

Leaks in your boiler system can result in a variety of issues, including low pressure and water damage so it’s always best to get these fixed as soon as possible & get in touch using the button below!

Your boiler making unusual noises

Banging, kettling or louder-than-normal humming noises are frequently signs of underlying problems in your boiler. Kettling or banging is an indication of extra air or limescale in your system, which could be impeding the flow of water through your system.


Tips for Maintaining your Boiler

We’ve created a list of boiler maintenance tips and methods to assist you to keep your boiler in good working order and preventing it from breaking down in the future. Among these recommendations are…

 Keep your boiler running

To save money, people turn off their boilers as soon as summer arrives. However, this can lead to the failure of certain components of your central heating system. To avoid this, turn on your boiler for a brief amount of time throughout the summer.

 Bleed your radiators 

If you detect chilly spots on your radiator, it could be time to bleed it. This helps to get rid of any trapped air that is preventing your radiator from heating up evenly.

 Protect your pipes from freezing

Setting your thermostat to a low temperature or putting it on an automatic schedule will help keep your pipes from freezing. Frozen pipes can be quite dangerous, especially if they burst. You can further prevent this by installing insulation pipes; if you want to learn more, please contact us by clicking on the link below.

(More: Why hire a Gas Safe Engineer?)

Make an appointment for a boiler repair in Nottingham or the surrounding areas. 

Call Nottingham Boiler Solutions today on 07974 368611 or use our simple contact form to inquire about boiler repair. Nottingham Boiler Solutions repairs boilers throughout Nottingham including West Bridgford, Hucknall & Mapperley. 

*There is a diagnostic charge for any fault finding